Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gigi & Poppy

Back in Februrary...the week before we told my parents that I was pregnant we shared the news with them that we were moving to Kansas for Will's PhD program. They were thrilled that Will was accepted to one of his top schools and that we were having the opportunity to live in a new region of the country BUT when we told them they were going to be grandparents in September their sentiments changed! :) It was fine for Will and I to be 1,000 miles away but not their first grand baby!

Mom and dad arrived the afternoon that Eliza was born and stayed with us for a week! :) It was such a fun and special week with them. They helped make our transition to life at home with a newborn very easy and took such good care of us!

Of course they took wonderful care of Miss Eliza too! She always had arms to be held in and chests to fall asleep on. :)
First day at home. Mom with both of our babies!
A little R&R for mom and Eliza.
Gigi styling Eliza's hair. She loves it!

Poppy with Eliza!
So sweet!
Gigi and Poppy with Eliza before heading to the airport.
We had the best time with y'all and can't wait for your visit in November!

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  1. I lived in Kansas for 19 years, born & raised :) Now I live in Georgia, I needed a change. BUT kansas doesn't seem like a lot at first but trust me I want to go back more than anything. It may be flat but there is ALOT to do & wonderful people. Royals, cheifs, JAYHAWKS especially :) All kinds of museums, color run, october fest :)