Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gigi & Poppy

Back in Februrary...the week before we told my parents that I was pregnant we shared the news with them that we were moving to Kansas for Will's PhD program. They were thrilled that Will was accepted to one of his top schools and that we were having the opportunity to live in a new region of the country BUT when we told them they were going to be grandparents in September their sentiments changed! :) It was fine for Will and I to be 1,000 miles away but not their first grand baby!

Mom and dad arrived the afternoon that Eliza was born and stayed with us for a week! :) It was such a fun and special week with them. They helped make our transition to life at home with a newborn very easy and took such good care of us!

Of course they took wonderful care of Miss Eliza too! She always had arms to be held in and chests to fall asleep on. :)
First day at home. Mom with both of our babies!
A little R&R for mom and Eliza.
Gigi styling Eliza's hair. She loves it!

Poppy with Eliza!
So sweet!
Gigi and Poppy with Eliza before heading to the airport.
We had the best time with y'all and can't wait for your visit in November!

Friday, September 28, 2012

First Bath

Eliza had her first bath this evening (11 days old).

I'd say it went better than her sponge baths. There was still some fussiness but I think she is going to grow to love the water and her bathtime!

I forgot to have Will take a picture during the bath but here are a few after. I love how alert she is!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Eliza's Birthday

There was much excitement and anticipation leading up to Eliza's birth. I have wanted to be a mom since the time I was 5 years old and played with baby dolls all day, every day for years (I guess I was practicing for the real thing).

When I reached the 37 week mark in the pregnancy I wondered when  that day would arrive! Of course I wanted her to come when she was ready but I let her know every day that her momma couldn't wait to meet her!

At my 39 week appointment, Thursday September 13, I found out that I was 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced. My doctor had a feeling that Eliza might make an early appearance and arrive sometime in the next few days! I called my parents right after the appointment to tell them to keep an eye on plane tickets because Eliza was probably coming soon!

Friday night Will and I went on our last date night pre-baby. We went to our favorite Thai restaurant in Lawrence and then we watched Father of the Bride Part 2 (when mom and daughter both get pregnant). We had a very low-key weekend with lots of rest and excitement!

Dinner at a friend's house Saturday night.
Well, Sunday night comes around and still no real sign of labor beginning anytime soon. I definitely had several pre-labor symptoms but those were things that could happen anywhere from 1-5 days before going into labor. Since I had not been sleeping well the past few nights Will decided to sleep in the guest room so at least he could get some rest. :)

10:30pm -- I got in bed (not really tired) and spent a little while reading more about labor symptoms-- as though reading about them was going to make it happen sooner? I'm not sure...

11pm -- I started getting a very achy stomach (figured it was just me being excited/nervous) and a few minutes later noticed a very distinct tightening in my stomach-- was this a contraction? :) Since I wasn't convinced anything was really happening I sat in bed feeling this tightening come and go. I started timing them and realized I was having them anywhere from 4-8 minutes apart and lasting around 30-45 seconds. It took me till 1am to decide this might actually be labor (!!) and finally woke Will up. I quietly walked in the guest room to find that he wasn't asleep yet and excitedly told him that I was having contractions. I kinda thought we would spend the next few hours at home waiting for the contractions to intensify but Will was ready for us to get to the hospital (and I was too!).

2:25am -- We checked into the hospital. I was put on monitors to measure contractions and heart rate. I was 4 cm dilated and 90% effaced. (At this point, we aren't sure if we are being admitted for labor or if I'm just being monitored for a few hours.)

3am -- Got sick (felt nauseous). Contractions getting a lot stronger and experiencing most of the pain in my back!

3:10am -- Nurse reports to the doctor on call with my progress and we find out that we aren't leaving the hospital till we have a baby!

3:15am -- Called both sets of parents to let them know we were in the hospital and Eliza was on her way!

3:30am -- IV started (I knew I'd be getting this because I tested positive for Group B Strep) and received two doses of penicillin.

4:17am -- Epidural! Now I can finally relax!

4:50am -- 5 cm dilated and 100% effaced

5:10am -- Nurse treated me to a grape popsicle! It was so good!

6am -- Fever of 100.3

7:50am -- Nurse comes in to check my progress and my water breaks. Eliza's heart rate drops and several nurses come rushing in to hook me up to a new monitor. Eliza's heart rate goes back to normal (around 135).

9:35am -- My temperature is back to normal and I'm 8 cm.

10:45am -- 9.5 cm (so close!!)

11:30am -- 10 cm and nurses get things ready for delivery

Noon -- Began pushing

12:27pm -- Eliza is born!

I had Eliza put on my chest immediately after delivery and it was the sweetest moment of my life. There were so many sweet emotions and love in the room from the moment she took her first breath.

Will and I had the next 2 hours to enjoy the life of our daughter before introducing her to our parents. Both sets of parents made it to Kansas by early afternoon to celebrate the birth of their grand daughter!

1 Day Old
Loves snuggling on her daddy's chest!
Going home outfit!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Blog Followers

I'm having so much fun with this blog (especially now that Eliza is here!) and I want to keep friends and family up to date with Eliza and our journey into parenthood.

With that being said, I wanted to give you a couple of different options for staying updated on posts, etc.

1. You can follow my blog. Click on the icon on the right that says Join This Site.

2. You can follow my blog through email. Input your email address in the box below Follow by Email and you will receive updates directly to your email.

3. I made a Facebook page for Our Traveling Nest. If you go to that page you can "Like" it and then you will be notified when I've updated the blog. I have previously been doing this on my personal Facebook page but I don't want to make my page or the news feed full of blog posts. (I'll be posting enough pictures of Eliza!)

The Crib

Eliza spent her first night in her crib last night! (A little over a week old.)

I'd say it was a great success! First of all, she slept her longest stretches yet (4 hours at time) without a peep! Second, Will and I slept great! And third, although her nursery is only across the hall from our room I was able to use the video monitor to check-in on Eliza.

My original plan was to put Eliza in her crib our very first night home but I just couldn't do it! (Thankfully Will was okay with this request!) I wanted her close by and I wanted to hear her coos and cries. I'm glad we did this because I learned a lot about her sleep habits and now I feel ready for her to be in her crib.

Sleeping in our room.
She loves being swaddled!
Also, after seeing what a good sleeper she has been this first week it made sense to introduce her to it. After my parents left on Monday I used some naps as a trial run and she did great with those so I felt fairly confident that she would do well at night.

From the first night at home we have used a sound machine for Eliza (ocean waves, my favorite) and I think this is going to serve us well as she gets older and associates that sound with sleep. And of course I like that it blocks out noise too.

Eliza, your daddy and I hope that these great sleep habits you have will continue!

Daddy's girl
I love that your good night's sleep makes you so happy and alert in the morning. This is my favorite time with you.

Monday, September 24, 2012

1 Week Old

It's hard to believe that 1 week ago today Eliza Burke Cunningham joined our family! Will and I have had such an incredible week getting to know little EB. We keep saying to each other how full our hearts and lives are with Eliza in it. It is truly an amazing thing how strong our love and connection to her is in such a short time!

We had a very busy week with Miss Eliza. We were in the hospital till Wednesday morning and had a great stay but we were ready to bring our girl into her new home!
First family photo
Taking our girl home!
My parents (who flew in on her birthday) have been with us all week and have helped make our transition into parenthood and life at home very smooth. We are very thankful for their time, work around the house and of course loving on their grand daughter! (More to come on their visit.)

Eliza has been such an "easy" baby this first week and has allowed her momma and daddy to get more sleep than we expected. We have and will continue to keep low expectations around here for the next few weeks. I'm thinking (hoping) Eliza likes a schedule like her momma does because she has been on a 2 1/2 - 3 hour feeding since we were in the hospital.

Loving on her snugabunny!
Breast feeding is going well too. I had great lactation consultants in the hospital who taught me some pointers and have made my learning experience less stressful.

Eliza is definitely a pacifier loving baby! I heard, read, etc. not to introduce them until a month old, but even after getting  a full feeding she was still wanting to suck and the pacifier soothes her so much. I'm being careful not to put it in her mouth every times she cries, whimpers, or goes to sleep but sometimes it's very helpful.

My mom and I took EB on her first stroll (a very short stroll) the day we came home from the hospital. I really felt so good after delivery that I wanted to get some fresh air and stretch my legs. We have taken a few more walks since then too.

On Friday Will and I took Eliza to her first doctor's visit. Eliza was only down 1 ounce from her hospital discharge weight, weighing 5 lbs 12 oz at her doctor's visit. I just love how itty-bitty she is!

Eliza's doctor said everything going on with her sounds and looks very normal. We did find out that she was/is jaundiced a little more than normal. We had a heel stick on Friday and then another one on Saturday and Sunday to see if the bilirubin levels were increasing or leveling off. The level on Sunday was lower than Saturday so we got the GREAT news that no treatment would be needed as long as the levels keep coming down. Bilirubin levels typically peak around days 5-7 so we are prayerful that we are in the clear.

Some of my favorite times with Eliza are the mornings after she has eaten. She is so alert and fun to interact with-- making cute eyes and faces at me. I have also had fun taking Eliza into our room to wake up Will a few mornings this week. She loves sleeping on her daddy's chest (and it's one of the cutest things I've ever seen)! Will has already admitted that Eliza has him wrapped around her finger.

Tiny feet!
It really is amazing how much we have learned about Eliza in these 7 short days! I'm so blessed to be her mother and so happy to embark on the journey of parenthood. Happy 1 Week Miss Eliza!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hospital Visitors

Eliza is very very loved by both sets of grandparents! Once Will and I found out that we weren't leaving the hospital till we had our girl, we called them (around 3:30 am on Sunday) and told them it was time! My parents and Will's arrived in Kansas right around the time Eliza was born (flying in from Alabama and South Carolina).

Our hospital room was filled with so much joy when our parents arrived! Eliza is the first grandchild to my parents (I'm an only child) and the third to Will's parents.

My parents seeing and holding their grand daughter for the first time. :)

And Will's parents meeting Eliza!

Such a glorious day!

I just can't get enough of her! We are completely in love!

Eliza Burke Cunningham

Eliza was born on Monday September 17 at 12:27 pm.

6 lbs 3 oz and 19 1/2 inches long
Our hearts are so full of love for our daughter! We are so thankful to God for this most precious gift. I can't stop thinking about how amazing it is that God knitted this beautiful child together in my body and has now entrusted us to her!

"For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you,  for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well." Psalm 139:13-14

After spending two nights in the hospital we are now at home loving on and learning about our sweet girl!

Thank you for all the prayers during labor and delivery (and the continued prayers as we adjust to being parents).

Of course I will share many more pictures and stories over the next few days!

Friday, September 14, 2012

39 Weeks

How Far Along? 39 Weeks 0 Days.
Size of Baby? A Watermelon! 
Maternity Clothes? Yes, though my "uniform" recently has been comfy yoga pants and Target's Liz Lange Maternity tank tops 
Weight Gain? Still 34 pounds (the weight gain hit a plateau this week! i think this means Eliza is going to be here soon!)
Stretch Marks? Nope.
Gender? Eliza, EB, little Butterbean
Movement? Still rolling around a lot! I took a video of it on my iPhone one evening, she looks like she's trying to break out!
Sleep? Not so good this week. I wake up in the middle of the night so excited to meet Eliza and can't go back to sleep.
Food Cravings? The past couple days I've reverted back to my 1st trimester diet of bread and cheese... nothing really sounds good to me (even sweets!)
What I Miss? Nothing, just getting VERY excited to meet our little girl. 
Symptoms? Leg cramps, irregular contractions, lots of excitement!
Belly Button? Poking out. 
Best Moment of the Week? I really love these weekly appointments at the end of pregnancy because it's fun to hear about the progress that Eliza is making and that we will be meeting her very soon (can you tell I'm ready to meet her??) I'm also really looking forward to a date night with my sweet husband tonight -- going out to dinner, watching a girly movie at home, and a foot rub! (A perfect night to me!)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pregnancy Brain

It is real!  And I have had a bad case of it recently, just ask my husband!

For those of you who know me well know that I am very scheduled and organized. I love a good day planner, to-do lists and post-it notes. Well, I've been keeping up with those things during pregnancy but I've still managed to be late to appointments, get my days mixed up and completely forget conversations I've had with my husband.

A few mentionable pregnancy brain moments are...
  • not remembering if I turned the sprinkler off in the back yard one evening this week and waking up at 5 am to go outside and make sure it was was! I definitely have no recollection of this.
  • being sure that Eliza's car seat safety check appoinment was at 6:30pm on Monday (I had even consulted my planner) only to find out it was at 6 (I know that's not a huge deal but I don't usually get appointment times mixed up).
  • and the most costly preggo brain moment was putting Will's iPhone in the washing machine! (And this was after he asked me to check his pockets...whoops!) Thankfully a kind and compassionate worker at the Apple store let Will get a new iPhone at the contract price even though neither of our phones was eligible for an upgrade! He may have mentioned that his 38 week pregnant wife was the one who put it in the washing machine... Either way, I'm thankful that I can get in contact with Will when it's time to let him know Eliza is on her way!
Speaking of Eliza, I had a great appointment this afternoon! I'm 3cm dilated and 80% effaced-- this is a lot of progress from last week's appointment! For what it's worth, my doctor thinks there is a very good possibilty that Eliza may arrive in the next few days. That's what I'm hoping for! :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

38 Weeks

How Far Along? 38 Weeks 3 Days.
Size of Baby? A Pumpkin. (And it looks like I have one in my belly!)
Maternity Clothes? Yes and so ready for more variety with my regular wardrobe. 
Weight Gain? 34 pounds (yes, I gained 3 pounds in 1 week! how is that even possible? my doctor assures me it's okay and that it's mostly water weight...) 
Stretch Marks? Nope.
Gender? Miss Eliza Burke Cunningham
Movement? All the time! She loves to roll around the most at night and has kept me up or woken me up several times this week. Guess I better get used to this!
Sleep? Most nights are still really good although there have been a few recently when I've randomly woken up at 3 or 4 in the morning wide awake.
Food Cravings? Sweets and pumpkin bread, muffins, lattes -- it's just that time of year!
What I Miss? Nothing, just getting VERY excited to meet our little girl. 
Symptoms? Very frequent trips to the little girls room and tiredness. 
Belly Button? Poking out. 
Best Moment of the Week? Having an ultrasound at my appointment on Thursday. Despite my 34 pound weight gain my belly is measuring small so my doctor wanted to do a growth ultrasound to make sure everything looked good. It did! Eliza is just probably going to be a little string bean, I'm okay with that!