Monday, August 13, 2012

34 Weeks

How Far Along? 34 Weeks 3 Days (only 38 days till Eliza's due date!! I have a feeling she may come early though.)
Size of Baby? A Butternut Squash. 
Maternity Clothes? Yes and I'm getting tired of them now. :)
Weight Gain? 26 pounds. I think this is supposed to slow down soon but apparently I've gained 2 pounds in 2 weeks. 
Stretch Marks? Still nothing. I guess my skin just stretches well! 
Gender? GIRL!
Movement? She's moving all the time-- lots of rolling, jabs and hiccups!
Sleep? Pretty good. I think me & my pillows are taking up about 75% of the bed these days...sorry Will!
Food Cravings? Peaches and still loving the sweets!
What I Miss? Bending over without feeling like I'm squishing my little girl. I also miss reaching my toes so it looks like I'm going to need to go for a pedicure before Eliza's arrival. :) 
Symptoms? Felt pretty great this week! I did start noticing some Braxton Hicks contractions on Saturday evening. They don't last very long but they can be kinda painful... my body is just getting ready for what's to come! 
Belly Button? An outie. 
Best Moment of the Week? My doctor's appointment last Friday and having an ultrasound! Since I switched doctors midway though the pregnancy my new doctor wanted to get updated images and measurements of Eliza. I was thrilled about this! We learned that SHE is, in fact, still a GIRL :). She weighs approximately 4.5 pounds and is a healthy growing baby! Woohoo! All good things a momma to hear. 

I received a very sweet care package from a dear friend on Friday too! She has an embroidery business, Two Sisters Embroidery, and loaded Eliza up with some southern baby essentials! Thank you Riley! I hope this little girl likes monograms as much as her momma does!

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