Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happenings Around Our Home

Will and I knew when we bought this house that is wasn't quite a move-in ready home (at least according to our standards). :) So, for the past 2 weeks, since we bought the house, we have had visits from a contractor, electrician, plumber, flooring company, window repair man, tree removal service and AT&T. We, of course, also had the helping hands of family members to paint, clean windows, arrange furniture and run errands with us. Thank you for your help!!

The first thing that had to go was the row of cabinets separating the kitchen from the den. The cabinets made the kitchen feel very small and closed-off. They also kept us from being able to utilize the great counter space.

It's amazing how taking down 5 cabinets transforms both rooms, making it much more spacious! (As you can see, both rooms are still in progress so I'll update this again when the rooms are tidy and decorated.)

Did you notice the lovely kitchen floors? Those are being replaced next week. Oddly enough there are hardwood floors in the rooms adjacent to the kitchen but previous owners decided on this unique flooring instead.

While we are making improvements to the kitchen, we are going to upgrade the appliances (and have them all match). Also, the refrigerator does not have an ice maker (this drives us both crazy!) so we are going to move the old fridge to the garage for storing Will's deer & turkey kills. :) In addition, we are having recessed lighting installed in the kitchen, den and front room.

When Will and I first saw the den in this house it was a selling point for us. We love the size of the room, vaulted ceilings, stone fireplace and built in bookcases & cabinets (on both ends of the room).
Note: Previous owner's belongings.

When we put our furniture in the den we did not include a breakfast table but instead put more distance between the furniture to open things up and also left room for baby essentials like Eliza's bouncy seat & activity mat. (I can't WAIT for her to get here!)

Although I love the built-ins, I knew I wanted to paint them an antique white to brighten up both ends of the room. Thanks to Will and his mom we are almost done with this tedious project. 
In progress and I already like them so much better!

One look at the dining room color and you'll know why it had to be painted! Our contractor said that the paint color looks like a blue trying to be a purple-- either way it had to go right away. 

We opted for a lighter and more calming Restoration Hardware paint color, Silver Sage. It's amazing what a new paint color will do for a room!

And we found this little gem at a local antique store. Will and I both love farm house tables so we were very excited to stumble across it. I got the parsons chairs from TJ Maxx which I love with the rustic table. 

We also knew the yellow walls in the master bedroom had to be painted-- they didn't exactly go with the neutral tones we wanted in the room. Below is the master bedroom when the previous owners were living here. 

Here is the master bedroom now. It's still a work in progress but it's already so much better!

If you are still following along, I'm impressed! (Can you tell we are excited about making our mid-western house into a "southern" home?)

Another thing we love about the house is the finished basement. It has a large room (Will's man-cave) with a decent size room off of it (Will's office), a bathroom, laundry room and lots of storage space. Here is a glimpse of the man-cave after painting the blue & yellow walls but before the animals take over. :)

We still have a good bit of decorating and painting to do in the basement but this a start. 

Although there is still much to be done inside the home, Will has found time to start the process of taming our yard. The previous owner's really liked the "forest" in their front and back yard. Will likes the forest too...but not in what should be a well-maintained neighborhood yard.
Winston keeping an eye on Will while he works in the front yard.

And last, but certainly not least, we painted Eliza's nursery last weekend! This was by far my favorite room to paint. While we were painting I just kept saying how beautiful I thought the paint color was and that I just can't WAIT for our little daughter to be here! Here is a glimpse of the wall color and crib. The rest of her nursery will get it's own post once everything is completed.

That's about all I have for now. I will continue posting pictures of our home as we get more things done.


  1. It looks SOOOO good!! Yall have totally transformed it! It reminds me of when Linds and Colby moved in theirs... ew. Cant wait to see pics of the man cave and Baby Elizas room all finished!!

  2. Everything looks soo good! Can't wait to see the nursery. I know it's going to be adorable!