Monday, July 30, 2012

32 Weeks

How Far Along? I can't believe we have less than 8 weeks till we meet Miss Elizal!
Size of Baby? A Squash.
Maternity Clothes? Of course. 
Weight Gain? Still haven't been on a scale in awhile but I'm guessing 26-27 pounds?
Stretch Marks? Nope
Gender? eCb
Movement? She's still moving and grooving! :)
Sleep? Great...hoping this keeps up for a little while longer. I have been sleeping with a pile of pillows though. 
Food Cravings? Unfortunately lots of sweets this week... especially cinnamon rolls!
What I Miss? I'm really quite content with pregnancy so I'm not really missing anything...
Symptoms? I've noticed that tiredness has been creeping in a little earlier in the day than it was during the 2nd trimester. I took 2 late afternoon naps last week-- those are key!
Belly Button? Out...
Best Moment of the Week? Putting the final touches on Eliza's nursery and going on a little outing to Buy Buy Baby with the hubs. I also really enjoyed the water yoga and water aerobics classes I attended this week-- it felt great to work out again and also do something very low impact and relaxing!

And just to see Eliza's growth over the past 32 weeks here are a few of the weekly photos...
      13 Weeks                 19 Weeks                   23 Weeks                   25 Weeks                 29 Weeks                    32 Weeks

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