Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beach Trip (Part 2)

Thanks to our great family photographer, my SIL, Abby we have lots of pictures from our beach trip!

Some of my favorite captured moments are jewelry making with my niece and nephew, Ellie Jane and John. Ellie Jane, John and I (along with their momma, Lindsey) were up early most mornings and they would help me make necklaces and bracelets. They were great little helpers!
We were both very focused. 
So proud!
My other cute jewelry designer!
We took some organized family photos one evening. We also had Abby capture a few baby bump shots (and maybe a few cheesy ones too)! I think we will take more maternity shots a little later on in the pregnancy when the bump is bigger!

Will with his dad & brothers
And a little silliness...
Thank you Momma C and Bill for a wonderful trip to the beach! We are so thankful for a vacation with the whole family. 

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