Friday, May 4, 2012


“There’s no place like home!”

Tomorrow I am flying to Kansas to meet Will for our 2 week adventure in our new hometown... Lawrence, Kansas! I am very excited about our move to a brand new region of the country, state, and town. The purpose of this trip is to:

#1 Find a home!
#2 Explore Lawrence, KS (and Kansas City-- only 30 minutes away)
#3 Visit the University of Kansas campus

We have done a good bit (okay, A LOT) of preliminary house hunting online and also contacted a realtor with our house "needs" and "wants." I think we've done about all that we can to get ready for our home search without actually being there to see the house and the neighborhoods. When we get to Lawrence I plan on Will and I driving around and scoping out "my favorite" homes and getting ready for our meeting with the realtor on Monday morning.

Most of the things I've learned about Lawrence has come from their Chamber of Commerce website. Lawrence is located in the northeastern corner of Kansas and the population is about 87,000 (just a little smaller than Tuscaloosa). I've included some maps below to make visualizing our new home easier (I wasn't entirely sure what states bordered Kansas before knowing we were moving there...).

Lawrence is highlighted in orange.
Lawrence is very much a college town and is ranked a Top 10 Best College Town. It is known for its artsy vibe and having a lively downtown. It has 54 parks including community and neighborhood parks, trails and nature preserves-- this makes me happy! There is a river that runs through town and several lakes around the area. (I might also add that Will's dad leases hunting land about 4 hours from our new home near Quincy, IL-- this makes Will happy!)

The University of Kansas
Massachusetts St. in downtown Lawrence
I am looking forward to trying out many of the downtown restaurants while we are visiting-- seems there are quite a few! I also noticed they have a number of local coffee shops (as well as a Starbucks, for the #1 Starbucks drinker in our family-- Will's momma) :). 

Kansas City is ranked by Forbes as one of the Top 10 Best Downtowns in America and was picked as a top tourist destination for 2012. I'm looking forward to getting to know this city!
Kansas City
While we are staying in Lawrence for our visit we will be calling this Spring Hill Suites home as we go out in search of our new home!

The hotel over looks the river.

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