Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baby Name

Eliza Burke Cunningham

We are so excited to share the name of our baby girl! Will and I love to talk about names and their significance. Will actually shared with me that he really liked the name Eliza Burke while we were dating during our junior year at Wofford. I guess we were just having a late night conversation about baby names we like? :)  Although we had not talked about marriage at this point I knew that if we did marry I wanted to name our first daughter Eliza Burke! I think it is such a beautiful name (she will go by her first name, Eliza). Eliza will be a new name added to our families. Burke is a family name on Will's side (also his sister Abby's middle name).

Although we have only known that our baby is a girl for a week little Eliza has already been given a few nicknames-- Ellie B (Will), EB (my mom and dad), and little Eliza (me).

For those of you who know me well... yes, I have already doodled her monogram many times and I'm very pleased with how it looks! :)


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