Monday, May 28, 2012

23 Weeks

How Far Along? 23 Weeks 3 Days. (17 Weeks to go!!)
Size of Baby? A Grapefruit.

Maternity Clothes? Most definitely yes. I have out grown most of my regular clothes, even some dresses  and shirts are too snug now. :)
Weight Gain? 17-18 pounds.
Stretch Marks? Still no sign of them. 
Gender? GIRL!
Movement? Of course and I love it every time I feel her wiggling around. 
Sleep? Hasn't been great this week but I'm hoping now that we are at the beach I'll sleep well!
Food Cravings? Fresh Strawberry Lemonade from Urban Cookhouse, Pineapple & Watermelon.
What I Miss? Nothing really... maybe sushi?
Symptoms? Feeling great! (I hope I can keep saying this for awhile!)
Belly Button? Halfway out. My doctor kindly informed me that I will most definitely have an outie before it's all said and done (and probably sooner rather than later). 
Best Moment of the Week? Arriving at the beach on Friday night and enjoying a relaxing and fun week with Will's family! (More to come on our beach trip later.)


  1. Oh how I LOVE these posts :) I also love Eliza's glamour shot!

  2. Christine, you are just the cutest pregnant lady!