Monday, May 7, 2012

20 Weeks...Halfway there!!

How Far Along? 20 Weeks 3 Days.
Size of Baby? A Mango (6.5 inches, 10 ounces).
Maternity Clothes? The same...pants and shorts are maternity but most of the dresses and tops I wear are my "regular" clothes. 
Weight Gain? 14 pounds!
Stretch Marks? Nope.
Gender? girl!
Movement? Yes! Our little girl is becoming quite active and I love it! Her kicks are just the sweetest feeling! Will has felt her move a couple of times now too!
Sleep? I woke up early a lot this week! Two mornings as early as 4! (Not because I had to or wanted to, that's just when my body woke me up/I was excited about our trip to Kansas...)
Food Cravings? I've really enjoyed Thai food this week...especially red curry. 
What I Miss? Having a margarita on Cinco de Mayo!
Symptoms? Waking up early... my body is just getting me used to Eliza's arrival. 
Belly Button? In.
Best Moment of the Week? Someone I don't know asked me for the first time if I was pregnant! This makes me very happy because it means I'm starting to show and baby Eliza is getting bigger!

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  1. Christine, Will & Eliza Burke:
    We are so excited to be able to share your estatic joy as you prepare for the arrival of Eliza Burke and find a new home in Lawrence. What a wonderful journey you are on and we get to keep daily updates with your Blog. Thank goodness for Blogs and Skype.
    You still look so "tiny".
    Love to all three....
    Pop & Nana