Thursday, April 19, 2012

Prenatal Workouts

After a 6 week hiatus from exercising due to first trimester morning sickness I was eager to get back into a  workout routine! Prior to finding out that I was pregnant I was training for the Rock n' Roll Nashville half marathon with my good friend Jamie. I had hopes of doing it even though I was pregnant (my doctor said it would be fine) but I quickly realized that running while pregnant is not for me. I wish it was but I have to listen to my body. Although I miss running in this beautiful springtime weather I've found some alternate forms of exercise that I'll share.

First of all, I try to do at least 30 minutes of cardio activity 6 days a week. This might be something as low-intensity as taking our little shih-tzu, Winston, on a 30 minute walk or playing a very friendly game of tennis with my husband. When I opt for the gym I use the stationary bike, elliptical, or rowing machine (I don't trust myself on a treadmill on right now). I have cut back on the time and intensity that I used to spend on these machines as I'm just trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy. From everything I've read regarding exercise during pregnancy it is very good for momma and the baby! Below are some fun facts I've learned from a Mayo Clinic article .

Why exercise during pregnancy?
-Ease or prevent back pain and other discomforts
-Boost your energy level
-Prevent excess weight gain
-Reduce the risk of gestational diabetes, pregnancy-related high blood pressure and postpartum depression
-Increase stamina and muscle strength, which helps you prepare for labor.

I'm usually not much of a workout video user but I recently purchased two pregnancy specific workout DVD's from Amazon to try. :) (My husband has already gotten plenty of laughs from this!)

                                     Summer Sanders' Prenatal Workout10 Minute Solution: Prenatal Pilates

The first is a cardio and toning workout that breaks up the exercises into trimesters. I just got it last week so I've been doing the 2nd trimester workout and have really enjoyed it! I think this will be especially nice to have for motivation when I'm in the 3rd trimester. I decided to buy a pilates workout too because I've heard how good muscle strength and flexibility is during pregnancy. It's also nice that each segment is only 10 minutes so I can do it with something else or as an express workout.

So far, I'm loving the energy that comes with the 2nd trimester and incorporating exercise into my daily routine!

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