Tuesday, April 3, 2012

15 Weeks

There's a little bump!
How Far Along? 15 Weeks 4 Days.
Size of Baby? A Navel Orange.
Maternity Clothes? Starting to need some bigger pants. :) I bought some linen pants from Old Navy (not maternity but they have an elastic waistband) and they have been very comfortable to wear during this in between phase. I also got my first pair of maternity jeans this weekend! I love them!
Weight Gain? 7 pounds. I've been SO hungry all week I'm surprised it's not more!
Stretch Marks? Nope.
Gender? Not too much longer till we find out!
Movement? From what I read Baby C is moving a lot I just can't feel him/her yet. 
Sleep? Getting as much as I can.
Food Cravings? More fruit. Also, sweet potatoes.
What I Miss? Can't think of anything I miss this week...
Symptoms? Just really hungry all the time!
Belly Button? In.
Best Moment of the Week? Spending several days in Greenville with family last week was really great. I know there aren't going to be too many more trips to Greenville before we move to Kansas so I'm really enjoying the time I have there!

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