Saturday, March 24, 2012

R & R

A little rest and relaxation, that was my plan for the weekend. After a month of weekends on-the-go I was ready for a low key weekend in Tuscaloosa. The weather is summer-like here so a day or two by the pool was definitely on the agenda.

On Friday afternoon my husband sweetly asked if he could slip off into the turkey woods with his dad and brother on Saturday morning. I told him I didn't mind at all because I planned to have a low-key day and he wouldn't be missing anything.

Saturday morning...I wish I could say I slept in but when you can't stay up past 9:30 it's hard to sleep any later than 7. After a couple hours of reading and lounging around the house I decided it was time to be productive before I parked it by the pool for the afternoon. So I went to the gym for a little exercise. I've definitely scaled back my exercise routine since I've been pregnant but now that I'm feeling like myself again I try to get to the gym 3 times a week.

When I finished my workout I headed over to Stein Mart in search of a cute summer straw floppy hat. (They usually have a good selection at very reasonable prices.) After trying on a few I found the perfect hat for me!

I love the coral accents!
With that, I headed to the checkout line. This is when I wish I could say that I bought my hat, went home and spent the afternoon soaking up the sun...but that's just not the way my day unfolded. So, I'm standing in line with about 50 other women in Tuscaloosa when I start getting warm and a little light-headed. In hopes of warding off this feeling I start taking deep breaths and put my hand on the table behind me to "steady" myself. It all happened so quickly but my next thought was, don't pass out! Unfortunately mind over matter doesn't apply to pregnancy-lightheaded-ness because the next thing I remember is a sweet old lady standing over me exclaiming, "she just fell over!" I came-to quickly because when I heard a manager ask about an ambulance I emphatically said no! (At this point I was still picturing an afternoon by the pool, silly me.) That thinking was a little ambitious. Next thing I learned was that I was bleeding, yikes! I hate blood. I can take passing out but not passing out and blood. The blood surprised me because I couldn't even feel where it was coming from. As it turns out, when I fell, I hit right above my eye on the corner of a cement planter! While lying on the floor, somewhat embarrassed of the scene I was causing, the manager asked if I had anyone to call. Will was first on my list though I knew he was at least an hour out of town. Next on my call list was my good friend Julie, conveniently a nurse and conveniently was only 2 minutes away! Yay for Julie!

Julie arrived shortly after I was wheeled back to the employee break room where I sat for a few minutes. The manager was as kind and concerned as he could be which I really appreciated! He filled out an injury report while Julie and I decided it was best to have my eye checked out. It honestly didn't look like that deep of a gash but I knew it wouldn't hurt to have a doctor look at it.

Shortly after the incident.
With that, Julie and I headed to the Emergi-care office right around the corner. (On a side note, this was the same doctor that took care of Will and I when we had pneumonia and the office I passed out in...oh the memories!) It's a good thing we made the decision to see a doctor because I received 10 stitches (2 on the inside and 8 across).

10 stitches later.
Phew... What a day! Needless to say I never made it to the pool and so much for a low-key day! Will was also a little surprised to find me with a shiner on my eye. :)

Several hours later with the bruising.
The good news is tomorrow is going to be another beautiful summer-like day so after church I plan on stretching out by the pool for an afternoon of R&R!

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  1. oh dear! be careful! i always have trouble about passing out when i'm pregnant too. it usually happens in the grocery store or when i'm out running errands since i'm on my feet the whole time. i barely made it to a chair this week at bed bath and beyond. be careful! and i hope your eye heals quickly. you'll have a good pregnancy story to tell this baby :)