Monday, March 12, 2012

A Flashback to January

Early January brought a dose of sickness into our home, first with Will and then with me. I just assumed Will had a typical winter cold and that I would manage to avoid getting sick. :) After about a week with his cold and no signs of improvement, Will decided it was time for a visit to the doctor. Well, I am SO glad he went because he learned that he had pneumonia! It seemed like he came home with a medicine cabinet full of antibiotics, cough syrup and nasal spray but within a few days he was feeling much better.

Then it was my turn... About the time Will started feeling like himself again, I felt terrible! So, off to the doctor I went. Much to my dismay I learned that I, too, had pneumonia. What I was dreading most about this news was that it meant I would have to get TWO shots in my rear end. :( Well, I don't like shots. Especially not on my backside. When the nurse came in to give them to me I warned her of my fear and she assured me everything would be okay and that I should probably lie down while she administered them. I agreed. When the shots were over (10 seconds later) I thought I'd taken them like a champ. Well I hopped up, walked towards the waiting room, and the next thing I knew I was on my back on the cold hard floor. So much for being a champ? The nurses took me back to my room where I now had a pounding headache and pneumonia. My sweet husband came to my rescue a little while later and took me home!

Since the doctor diagnosed me with pneumonia he wanted me to come back in for a check up and more shots two days later. :/ When I was at CVS getting my prescriptions filled, all the same things Will received a week prior, I had the thought to grab a pregnancy test because in the midst of getting sick I realized my period was late. :) I really had no inclination to take the test other than the obvious missed period.

I took the test as soon as I get home and 2 minutes later the word "pregnant" appeared! I think the first thoughts that went through my head were, "oh my goodness! really? this is so exciting! what is Will going to think? we are going to have a baby!!!" :) Will was in class when I found out and was due home in an hour. I knew it wasn't appropriate to text him that I was pregnant (at least that's not how I wanted to share the news) so I waited and waited... It was the longest hour! As though one positive pregnancy test wasn't enough for me to see that I was pregnant I went ahead and took another one.

When Will finally got home he found me waiting for him on the sofa with a little "prize" wrapped up for him. I didn't really say much except, "Hey sweets! Glad you're home! Here's a little something I picked up for you." He opened it up and two thermometer looking things (Will's words) fell out. Will thought his/our prize were two thermometers! What a sweet wife I would've been to give him that! (It was a reasonable assumption though because we learned the week before that our thermometer was no longer working.) I excitedly told him that I did not buy him a thermometer and to look again! This time around he saw the word pregnant. A few seconds passed and Will didn't say anything. I said, "Are you mad?" (funny question to ask your husband, I know.) Will looked at me with teary eyes and said, "Are you kidding? This is wonderful!"

So, two at-home pregnancy tests and a check-up back to the "pneumonia" doctor later and he confirmed what we already knew when he excitedly told us, "Ma'am you are VERY pregnant."

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  1. yeaaaaaa!!! I love this!! We couldn't be more excited for you guys!!! We love you!